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Topic: Has anyone actually got and using gigastudio?

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    Has anyone actually got and using gigastudio?

    Has anyone got gigastudio?
    Does it reallye exist?
    In the UK distributor keeps aying soon, soon!
    But still nothing despite it apparently shipping from Nemesys!
    I believe it is another crap botched first version like gigasampler was.
    I am happy with 1.6 but jeez it took forever to get there!
    Any thoughts, observations?
    Anyone beta testing?
    I have less and less belief in Nemesys as each sodding week goes by!

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    Re: Has anyone actually got and using gigastudio?

    I had finally got mine. I had called Nemesys and got a tracking no. It turned out that the package had been \"damaged and disposed\" (UPS\'s exact wording). I guess UPS would have just waited until someone called about it. It had been shipped two weeks earlier. I really had my doubts about Nemesys because of the posts I read here, but they have been no problem dealing with, especially Sandra, whom was always pleasant and helpful even though I called her many times during this ordeal. BTW it was well worth the wait, except that I had to buy a GSIF compatable card because even though my SBLive worked ok, I could only have one overall fx send.

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