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Topic: PRO-REC Akai sample CD Probs

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    PRO-REC Akai sample CD Probs

    Has anyone tried these CDROMS? I purchased \"The Ultimate CD for Akai\" and have
    found alot of probs with corrupt conversions and keyboard splits that vitually render the
    samples unusable. Is this a prob w/ S-Converter or Pro-Rec? Some of the samples work just fine although all the good ones are basically useless (unless I go in and edit the hell out of them.)

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    Re: PRO-REC Akai sample CD Probs

    Hi Rance,

    I have had the same problem, but no answers... I am waiting to see if anyone responds with a solution. The East/West Ultimate Piano Collection and one of the Orchestral CDs fails to convert properly for me.
    Have you emailed tech support here?


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