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Topic: Percussion demo is (finally) up!

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    Percussion demo is (finally) up!

    I know it has taken longer than first expected but what good recording project doesen\'t : ) Anyway, we went ahead a put together a small demo of the instruments that we have sampled so far. We do not have much left and another demo should be comming soon. Let us know what you think.

    Donnie and Sean

    PS. I guess we forgot tell you guys that we uploaded it to the northern sounds sample page!

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    Re: Percussion demo is (finally) up!

    Donnies Ultimate Perccusion Demo is in the users compositon area. heres the link. http://northernsounds.com/demos/

    Sounds Great!!!

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: Percussion demo is (finally) up!

    Okay. I\'m sold. How much and where do I send my check?!?

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    Re: Percussion demo is (finally) up!

    Hey thanks for the compliment...A couple more important things...

    First the demo was recorded straight from midi and no effects (reverb etc.) were added. So what your hearing is what you get. Another important thing I should point out is that part of the realism in the snare drum examples and the tamb. is that there are seperate samples for left and right hand so that when you play repeated 16th notes you don\'t get the \"machine gun\" effect. It really makes a difference and makes things sound much more realistic. And the final thing is that I believe the main key to these percussion samples sounding so real and more importantly working well within a composition is that all the microphone positioning was done at distance. It changed for different instruments to some degree but nothing was done right next to the mic. After all the percussion section in the symphony setup is in the back; not up front.


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    Re: Percussion demo is (finally) up!

    I hate to repeat a reply but WOW! These samples sound great! Please when can we get them?
    Younger Productions

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    Re: Percussion demo is (finally) up!

    Once again thanks for the kind words. It\'s nice to see that people appreciate the hard work that goes into something like this. We only have a few more instruments to sample so hopefully by the end of the week the library will be finished and then we can get it sent out.


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    Re: Percussion demo is (finally) up!

    Why is it that everytime I try and download a demo from this site,..it comes out all warped sounding? Waht can I do to clean it up? I\'ve heard of some MP3 cleaners..anyone know what they are.

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    Re: Percussion demo is (finally) up!

    What are you using to play back the mp3 files?

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    Re: Percussion demo is (finally) up!

    Winamp and or Media PLayer 6.4

    I don\'t have problems with MP3s from anywhere else,..only this download sire. Is it set up with a mac server? I might want to try downloading the files with my MAC and see if thats any better

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    Re: Percussion demo is (finally) up!

    I also had a problem with mp3s here. I the files were just junk. I was using netscape to download.
    I tried Internet Explorer and when I downloaded, the windows media player popped up. I used open file to hear the file, then saved it. Perhaps u can just use windows media player to open it then save it from there, without using IE.


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