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Topic: I also have an Xsample impression

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    I also have an Xsample impression

    I also picked up the Xsample1 disk on my shopping spree. This is the one with the Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos. These get excellent marks from me too, they sound really good and they are very well programmed (they must have been programmed explicitly for GS by somebody that really knows his stuff, there\'s a great number of variations that cover so many different EP moods and playing styles, amazing!)

    The only down side on these is that they take longer to load than any other gigs I have seen. This must be related to the large number of programs for these samples, but since the programs are so good, I can\'t complain much. (I just timed it, a hair over 2 minutes to load on a p3-500 for the rhodes. OK it\'s less time than it would take to set up a rhodes!) Highly recommended.


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    Re: I also have an Xsample impression

    you can load single programs (instruments). It\'s much faster!



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    Re: I also have an Xsample impression

    Is there more than one Rhodes? From reading the specs I thought there was a single Rhodes, a single Wurlitzer etc... is that not the case?


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    Re: I also have an Xsample impression

    Hans, right you are, the single programs load much faster. Still I just timed 13 secs for the gigapiano with 2 programs, vs 28 seconds for a single Rhodes program vs I think 2:10 for the full Rhodes with all the program variations.

    David, for each instrument there is a set of samples at I believe 4 velocities, but then theres something like 23 variations in each gig that use different combos of the samples or give different fx on the mod wheel like chorus or \'leslie\' or different envelopes or filters. They make good use of a good set of samples.


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    Re: I also have an Xsample impression

    Hello again,

    Gigapiano loads faster because it contain app. 200 samples vs Xsample Rhodes
    contain over 800 samples (it\'s fully chromatic)



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