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Topic: Vitous mini library

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    Vitous mini library

    Anyone have this? How is it? Thanks.

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    Re: Vitous mini library

    Punda, noticed your question.
    The miroslav mini in Gigasampler
    just came out .
    There are 100 or less that we have distributed so far. I don\'t know if anyone
    on the forum has purchased it yet.
    If you need any info such as patch lists
    etc.. or have general questions I would be happy to answer them for you.

    What kind of Music are you doing ?

    We have also just released 2 out of the 5
    main library selections in Giga format.
    String Ensembles.
    Wood&Brass Ensmebles.
    Others to follow this spring.

    Peter Vitous
    Marcati Distribution.

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    Re: Vitous mini library

    I am interested in the mini library simply because I cannot afford the full one. I hear many great things about it so I thought if I had even parts or samples of the library I could use it. Could you give me a list of instruments included. Thanks alot.

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    Re: Vitous mini library

    send your email address to sales@marcati.com
    and I will send you the info.


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