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Topic: Upgrading to Gigastudio

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    Upgrading to Gigastudio


    I sent this question to the email addresses at the Nemesys home page and haven\'t heard back. Maybe someone here can answer my question.

    If I puchase the Gigasampler \"for $299
    from an authorized
    dealer\" I can upgrade to gigastudio for $149. Some of those dealers list
    there price at $299, but actually sell it for less. Does this mean I
    reap additional savings or do I have to purchase the gigasampler for the
    full $299 in order to qualify for the upgrade offer.



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    Re: Upgrading to Gigastudio

    I purchased my original GigaSampler from Guitar Center for $299. Then, when I purchased the upgrade to GigaStudio160, they asked for the registration key (or something like that) which was with my original GigaSampler package.

    That\'s what I did, and it worked just fine.

    Only $299 + $149.


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    Re: Upgrading to Gigastudio

    Thanks for the reply. I guess what I\'m asking is if I buy Gigasampler for ~$230 from one of the authorized dealers found on the Nemesys site, can I complete the upgrade to Gigastudio for $149? The list prices at these sites are $299, but the sale price is much lower, around $230.

    I don\'t want to try to make the upgrade only to have Nemesys tell me, \"Opps, you only paid
    $230 for gigasampler, so you don\'t qualify for the $149 gigastudio upgrade\".

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    Re: Upgrading to Gigastudio

    I\'ve got one better. Purchased Gigasampler LE for $79. Bought upgrade to Full version for $99. Bought upgrade to GS 160 for $149.

    All in all: 79 + 99 + 149 = $327

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    Re: Upgrading to Gigastudio

    I should note that I contacted Nemesys prior to doing this and they said it was fine!

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