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Topic: Crackle Static with large samples

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    Crackle Static with large samples


    Just bought Bosendorfer for Kontakt. Great piano, but can\'t get rid of static when strike black lower range keys, especially peddle down.

    Increased buffers on both kontakt and sound card. Increased voices...but still static. Any ideas?


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    Re: Crackle Static with large samples

    Pianos are a big task for a simple computer.
    Apart from what is stated below: defrag your hard drives, don\'t run more instruments than needed, close the Kontakt interface to the \"rack\" format, don\'t touch the Kontakt machines mouse or keyboard during playback, leave the machine unused for a minute or two after loading the piano file, and read below:

    Posted by Jake Johnsonis about Giga, so replace the word Giga by Kontakt!)
    Be sure you\'ve cleared your memory as much as possible, before you even start Giga (remember you\'re asking the program to deal with enormous files):
    1.Clear out all of your internet and other temp files and then reboot.
    2.Once you boot your system, don\'t load anything before Giga. (Many programs never clear out of memory entirely even after you close them. Microsoft products are notorious about ghosting and causing crashes.)
    3. Use Ad-aware to get rid of any programs that may load into RAM and stay hidden. (Be sure to check your System dialog box to be sure you have at least 90% of your resources free before even starting Giga.)
    4. Use the System Configuation tool in Windows to get rid of other things that may load into RAM without your knowledge. You can get rid of Ptsnoop, for example, and free a few kilobytes by changing its name and then deselecting it in the Startup section of the System Configuation utility. If you press CTRL-ALT-DEL once and see any files there that you don\'t recognize or understand the need for, do a little research--put the name of the file into Google and you\'ll find out whats needed and what.

    Good luck,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Crackle Static with large samples


    Thanks for your reply. I built a machine, p4, 2 GB ram, Win XP. All I loaded was kontakt and cubase sx on 120 GB dedicated to OS. Have 80 gb disc soley dedicated to samples. The only sample I loaded was bosendorfer piano and it is the only library/sample on my machine. Had an NI rep come to my house to ensure everything running in windows xp that was not needed was inactived. You\'re right on about all the hidden programs that kick off automatically in Windows. I had no internet connection and have disabled anything to do with internet. Printing also for that fact!

    I get static upon recording midi, if that makes any difference, as well as on playback in Cubase sequencer. I also get the same crackle when executing kontakt as stand-alone outside cubase.

    NI rep felt this was a kontakt problem, but I didn\'t get a warm and fuzzy feeling that it\'s something that could/would be fixed quickly.

    Got into this whole deal to get a great sounding piano - which the Bosendorfer Imperial grand absolutely is. I\'m optimistic that somehow there will be a solution, and thank you for taking the time to dig up Jake\'s post.


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    Re: Crackle Static with large samples

    Hi Joanne, sorry if this is too obvious but is all of your software, Kontakt, Sequencer, etc updated? Have you applied the DFD update from NI? (I guess so if you had an NI rep there!)

    Also, it is most unlikely with a new system but perhaps your chipset is causing the noise. Try updating your mobo\'s bios and chipset drivers.

    Also, update XP as there are some fixes for PCI busses, audio, etc, etc. You never know where the little gremlins are coming from.

    Having said all that though, I would\'ve thought it was the buffer settings... weird...


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    Re: Crackle Static with large samples

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I downloaded Kontakt update and DFD extension. But...the motherboard chipset and bios, plus xp update I had not thought of. I think that\'s about the only thing left. Wonder if I can blindly update with the latest bios and xp patch or do I need to be selective?

    Thanks, (as always)

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    Re: Crackle Static with large samples


    I\'m using hammerfall RME multiface. I have the latest driver version from 04/16/03. I did try adjusting the soundcard buffer with no success. But adding your thoughts to another posters\', maybe I can try adjusting sound card levels along with soundcard buffer. I\'ll give it a try and let you know how it turns out.


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    Re: Crackle Static with large samples

    Wanted to let everyone know that NI thinks it is a problem with DFD and there will be a fix soon.


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