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Topic: 'release trigger' uses

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    \'release trigger\' uses

    I\'m hoping that I can trigger the release point of the sample [at \"key up\" with the new \'release trigger\' function in 1.2. However, I\'ve only been able to get the start of the sample to sound at key up. Is this possible? It would allow a realistic \'note end\' to occur when the \'key up\' happens at any point in the sample.

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    Re: \'release trigger\' uses

    I was able to change the sample-start of a sample with using the velocity or the note-on-counter as modulation source directed to sample start. This way I was able to get a softer attack (later start in sample) in dependence of velocity or the time I was holding the key down. If it helps, I can send you the patch.



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    Re: \'release trigger\' uses

    Hi pje:

    Kontakt has excellent controls for this, but you should really download the tutorial at .www.nativeinstruments.com. It explains the release-trigger function. (and other stuff too).
    You don\'t want to miss this...

    It is very precise and good. I am building my libraries from scratch and Kontakt is VERY easy to learn.

    It will take you a day to be an expert. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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