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Topic: soprano sax

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    soprano sax

    Anyone know of a good soprano sax sample or a tenor even. Thanks.

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    Re: soprano sax

    no, but as band arranger I would love to find some good ones!

    let me know if you find something

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    Re: soprano sax

    The Brass Super Section for Akai has some usable saxophone sounds. There\'s no soprano, but there is \'sax\' patch which has a usable tenor range, an overblown tenor which isn\'t bad if you need the effect, and a \'soft\' tenor which is, well, soft. Greytsounds (www.greytsounds.com) has a sax CD for Akai with soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone. It sounded really good on paper so I bought one and I hate it.

    I\'m rather new to sampling, and I\'ve gotten in the game mainly because I write a lot of jazz and Latin things and the brass patches on synths are not very good. I figured that sampled brass would be much better, but I have to say I\'ve been very disappointed with what I\'ve heard so far. Or maybe my expectations are too high?

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    Re: soprano sax

    For alto saxophone have a look at www.xsample.de. It\'s a very detailed saxophone sound with a lot of effects. I think this is the best one.


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    Re: soprano sax

    Hello Georg,
    it\'s http://www.xsample.de



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    Re: soprano sax

    I would recomend Chronic Horns for Jazz, acid Jazz stuff.

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    Re: soprano sax

    Franq, where do you get chronic horns? Thanks

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