When I installed Garritan Jazz & Big Band 3, during the installation of the Library, I got a message telling me that the .audio files could not be found, thus were never installed. The Samples folder contains only the Sample Data folder, which contains only the .data files. So, can someone please explain to me where my samples are and what happened to them? Obviously, they are not included in the installer package, otherwise, they would have been installed where they were supposed to be, right? At any rate, I need those files. I can't do anything without them.

When I attempt to load an instrument in either the standalone or the VST Aria Player, I get the message, "Can't find audiofile C:/Program Files/Garritan/Jazz & Big Band 3/Samples/Winds/01BsClarCzB1_0001102.audio," for example. I have searched my computer for the audio files and have found them nowhere. They are not in the installer, either. Can anyone explain why that is? Where are they? How do I get them? Understandably, I'm beyond mere frustration, at this point, after having spent $149 for software that can't even install itself correctly.