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Topic: GigaStudio bug-list?

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    GigaStudio bug-list?

    I am still waiting for my GigaStudio, but maybe that is not too bad, though... I see bugs described and several problems with GigaStudio together with Logic, etc.
    Could someone please make a Bug-list? It would be nice to know what risks I am going to take by installing it.


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    Re: GigaStudio bug-list?

    Great idea, and next to the \'How to configure a Giga PC\' and \'what soundcard\' threads, probably the most useful thing we can do hear.

    Is it worth having a separate forum with different threads for different bugs (including possible helpful workaround responses), or leave it here and stick all the different bugs under one thread?
    I just figure it may be easier to locate solutions if you can see your particular problem described in the topic title, rather than have it buried under a topic like \'GS Bugs\' in amongst lots of other problems which aren\'t necessarily relevant to you.
    Papa? Desound?

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    Re: GigaStudio bug-list?

    My Bug list

    The recursive search doesn\'t work all the time. After the restart it works fine: if I select the drive D in the directory tree window and type a \"oboe\", then it shows me all the oboes which I have on drive D and all the subdirectories. But somehow later when I do the same thing it shows me all the oboes from drive D and drive C in the File Viewer window, it doesn\'t restrict itself to the selected drive and its subdirectories.

    Distributed Wave Instrument:
    I get a lot of strange behavior in this area:
    1) The \"Loaded Waves\" Window says \"no Wave Files\" even if I load wave files to that window
    2) sometimes the ADD and RESET button on the \"Loaded Waves\" window disappear
    3) The Reset function doesn\'t reset the Distributed Wave instrument, nor does a new loaded performance.

    BTW what\'s with the name \"Distributed Wave Instrument\" Couldn\'t the programmer come up with something more simple and why the suffix .dwc and not .dwi, or call it \"Distributed Wave Container, one way or the other. The whole concept is a great idea but maybe not thought through all the way.

    C+ C++ Error
    When I click on an \"edit\" command for an instrument to open up the GSEditor, it will do it fine, but if I do it again for another instrument when one instrument is already loaded in the GSEditor it resulted in some strange behavior of the GigaStudio which were resolved after I restarted it. After a couple of times I realized that I got this\"C+ C++ program\" opened in the background. Any clues?

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    Re: GigaStudio bug-list?

    Edgar, regarding the C+ error and GSEDit. It happens when you try to open more than one instance of the GS Editor. Simply close the Editor after you\'re done with your edits, then when you click edit on a new file, it will open the editor (apparently only one instance is possible). Nemesys should have provided a more useful error message.

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