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Topic: Usenet Newsgroup Creation - alt.music.gigasampler

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    Re: Usenet Newsgroup Creation - alt.music.gigasampler

    Done Tim,
    any forum which brings more voices/minds to the discussion of a piece of gear which I expect to be the centre of my musical workday, is welcome.
    I know those who look can find this forum and Sonic\'s, but I\'m sure we lose people in the big mall which is the www.

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    Re: Usenet Newsgroup Creation - alt.music.gigasampler

    After installing the 160 Upgrade, I tried to launch the program. An error message appeared : \"Error code 40000: Your system has not been properly enabled. Please try re-installing Gigastudio application.\" Then it asks to run diagnostics mode. The original \"Gigasampler\" worked fine; however now I am stuck with a program that won\'t work at all!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Usenet Newsgroup Creation - alt.music.gigasampler

    Hi Everyone:

    I have just submitted a proposal to alt.config to create a new Usenet newsgroup devoted to GigaSampler and GigaStudio.

    I would appreciate it if as many of you as possible could visit alt.config and comment on my proposal (both positive, negative, and in-between comments are welcome).

    This is not an attempt to circumvent this or any other forum... in fact links to this site and this forum would be posted to alt.music.gigasampler early and often. Also, this is the one place you will still be able to come to converse directly with people like Dave of Nemesys. However, it might help unify some of the disparate discussions that occur on a plethora of other newsgroups such as cakewalk.audio and creative.emu.products.aps and allow other people to join the discussion.


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    Re: Usenet Newsgroup Creation - alt.music.gigasampler

    Hey Cool7,

    Read your proposal. That Hawke guy was pretty harsh. My thoughts on a newsgroup:

    Good idea, I prefer to read newsgroup style rather than web based. The problem, however, is that Usenet groups for some products tend to be low in traffic. I speak specifically of the Pulsar, where 2 posts a week is common. Some, like Cakewalk and the Soundblaster groups, generate tons of traffic. I really have no idea how a gig group would do.

    Another option is like my Logic mailing list. Its done by Onelist, and you have the options of getting individual mails, \"digest\" versions (which, with logic is best, since there can be almost 50-100 messages per day), or Web View only. ALso, they have space for putting files, FAQs, calendars, etc. If anyone is interested in this solution, let me know. If you guys still would like to do a Usenet solution, I\'d be more than happy to help.

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    Re: Usenet Newsgroup Creation - alt.music.gigasampler

    Tried to find \"alt.config\" and couldn\'t. Could you be more explicit about where we should go to voice our support?


    Mitch Farber

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    Re: Usenet Newsgroup Creation - alt.music.gigasampler

    you have to \'subscribe\' to alt.config in the newsgroups section of your browser. At least that\'s what I did and it was there.

    BTW, I agree with rivethead, that Hawke guy really needs to get a life ;P

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    Re: Usenet Newsgroup Creation - alt.music.gigasampler

    Hey Guys and Gals:

    Thanks for your support. The =hawk= guy really isn\'t being harsh. He\'s a newsgroup admin type... he\'s just doing his job. And he\'s somewhat right. My figures didn\'t have foreign language posts culled from them. However, I get totally different numbers than he does when I do eliminate non-English posts. My news server is down this am so I\'ll respond to him later.

    Anyway, I understand where =hawk= is coming from. If you look at alt.config, you\'ll see that there are gazillions of proposals for some of the most inane newsgroups. Stuff like alt.zippers.stuck and alt.bat.guano.

    One other suggestion from another poster suggested putting it in something like alt.comp.software saying that the alt.music hierarchy was typically for fan groups. What he says is partially true, but there are several alt.music groups not related to bands or fan posting. So I intend to stick with alt.music.gigasampler. It seems to me that it will be the easiest thing for would-be posters and readers to find.

    I\'ll let the thread on alt.config run for about a week. I\'ll revise my proposal, then I\'ll send the necessary control messages to start the group. In the mean time, tell all your giga-friends about it. If it receives some good activity at startup, then it\'s unlikely someone like =hawk= will \"rmgroup\" it. (An rmgroup message comes from the admin of one news server and is sent to the admins of other news servers requesting that they remove the group from their servers. This can be a death sentence for the group, so you really don\'t want to anger people like =hawk=).


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