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Topic: Jim Corrigan high strung Guitars are AWESOME !!!!

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    Jim Corrigan high strung Guitars are AWESOME !!!!

    I\'m Just checking out the cd now. What i\'ve heard so far is ground breaking for guitars on a Sampler. Its a 1963 Martin D-18 guitar.
    He certainly has his own technique for sampling I\'ve never heard a sampler capture the realism of an acoustic guitar like this. I\'ll try to post a little demo on the demo page. i\'ll post here when its ready. If anyone wants me to try anything with it let me know.
    This is certainly worth it the sound is incredible.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: Jim Corrigan high strung Guitars are AWESOME !!!!

    Just the other day I received the Nashville disc, and I am very pleased with it. Downsides are the absence of medium and slowly strummed chords, and the relatively high price (especially if you compare it to the acoustic essentials CD-ROM). The positive side is that you get a disc of stereo strummed chords, of which the sound quality is nothing short of excellent, and a very good sounding Martin acoustic guitar. If you can spare the money I can recommend buying both the Nashville CD-ROM and the Acoustic Essentials CD-ROM; you won\'t regret it!

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