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Topic: How good are Bigga Giggas?

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    How good are Bigga Giggas?

    I just ordered the Acoustic Essentials disc from Worra\'s site. How good are the following collections:

    Post Organ Tool Kit,

    DX REX,

    Jinjee\'s Solo Strings,

    Worra\'s Prophet,

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    Re: How good are Bigga Giggas?

    Well, I probably shouldn\'t answer this, because I\'m one of the Bigga Giggians, but anyway....
    I think that we suffer a bit from the \"if they are so cheap, can they be any good\"-syndrome.

    I can only tell you this: Nemesys are going to have gigs from all our cd\'s, that is DX REX, Jinjee\'s Strings, Worra\'s Prophet and the upcoming Jinjee\'s Solo Brass, on the demo-cd that are going to be bundled with their products, so it\'s good enough for them....


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    Re: How good are Bigga Giggas?

    The Post organ CD-ROM is good value for the money. I also heard the demo of the Jinjee strings CD-ROM, but it did not sound very convincing to me (sorry Worra). Perhaps the actual CD-ROM is better than the demo, since I have read other comments saying that it is quite good.

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    Re: How good are Bigga Giggas?

    I\'ve gone ahead and ordered the Jinjee Solo Strings, the DX Rex, and Worra\'s Prophet.

    I almost didn\'t order the Jinjee Solo Strings because of the weak demo, but then I remembered how much I like the two Jinjee cello patches that are in Worra\'s download site.

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    Re: How good are Bigga Giggas?

    Hope you\'ll like them!

    Maybe we should do a new demo....


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    Re: How good are Bigga Giggas?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>The Post organ CD-ROM is good value for the money.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Are the organ sounds dry?


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    Re: How good are Bigga Giggas?

    I\'m about to order the Post Organ Tool Kit, based on listening to the two .WAV demos, which sound very good, IMHO.


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    Re: How good are Bigga Giggas?

    Yes, the samples are dry.

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    Re: How good are Bigga Giggas?

    I\'ve made a new demo with Jinjee\'s Strings, it\'s kind of wierd, but maybe Schonberg would have liked it... anyway, it shows the use of the different playing techniqs that are included in \'Jinjee\'s Strings\', what do you think?

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    Re: How good are Bigga Giggas?

    Hi All
    Don\'t mean to sound negative or like Im picking on Worra , But were supposed to be honest here right ? Anyway I was not at all impressed with the sound of the Jinjee\'s strings Demo .And I dont think you can change a demo to make it all better .I agree that some demo\'s can sound better than others because of many reasons , for instance one demo my play notes closer to there original samples and another might happen to play notes that were transposed and out of the original range. Anyway If I were to choose a string library , I would want use a sequence that covers a full range and not nessasarily a flatering sequence , And if it still sounds good , then I know the string patch will take anything that I can dole out .
    I find that when you write a song , if you are limited to regions or notes that sound more real on that patch , it really is very limiting .
    I read the notes about jingee strings and I think one of the main problems is that they sampled only every 3rd , so they had alot of tranposing going on . Maybe you can get by doing that with a mini moog or something but when it comes to strings or voice etc, you really need to sample every note . And the fact that they used up 400 something megabytes and only sampled every third seems a little wastfull to me.Ive sampled A bass 4 string and a 6 string electric all on one
    sample patch preset while sampling every note in the pre giga day\'s with 8 megs of memory [of course I had short looped samples and the jingee strings are long non looped .] but I think this first thing I would have done as a basic foundation would be sample every note . OK now that I have made the giga team mad at me [was not my intention ] I would like to say something positive . I think it is very honerable that they are determined to offer sample library\'s at a fair prices, But I dont think the quality is quiet there yet . But as we all experiance everyday , live and learn. Ken

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