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Topic: gigastudio and e-logic audio

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    gigastudio and e-logic audio


    using gigastudio via logic-audio causes a problem: I can play the sound of gigastudio
    via logic, I can record midi events, edit them e.g. in the score editor and gigastudio
    reacts with the corresponding sound (on all
    midi channels)But: starting normal arrange-play causes Gigastudio to be quiet.
    It doesn´t matter if GS or logic is started first.
    BTW: Logic shows all 4 gigastudio ports.
    This problem didn´t appear with gigasampler.
    Any advice appriciated.

    Kind regards
    Uli Hoffmann

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    Re: gigastudio and e-logic audio

    After deinstalling gigastudio
    and reinstalling gigasampler
    all works fine.

    So every idea is welcome


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    Re: gigastudio and e-logic audio

    Please see the separate post \"Workaround for Logic Audio & GigaStudio.\"

    I have the same problem, but seem to have solved it with Hubi\'s loopback drivers.

    // Charl

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