Hi All
I am a fellow giga sampler owner , but most of my library are akai sounds [that I convert to giga ] , and you are lucky if those sounds are programed in more than one velocity zone. So Thats the extent of the real time control with the library that I currently have . I might be interested in purchasing some giga format sounds but I would like to educate my self about the diferences between the akai and the giga as far as real time control is concerned . OK I understand that some giga library\'s alow you to trigger variations of a patch by playing a few lower keys on your keyboard , and Ive heard of release resonance , for when you release the key it plays the end of the sample past the loop [in some cases, or what ever else you asign to that release function] , but im not real clear about other real time control you can get from giga format sounds . For instance I own the peter sedlechez string ensembles disc in akai format, and on that disc there are alot of different playing variations like pp,ff,mute and stacatto . If im playing a live performance and I want real time access to all those different technics , controlable via midi controllers , then what the best way to achieve this ? Do I go into the editor and assign the different technics to different dimensions ,with each dimension controlable by different midi controllers [sliders, foot pedals ] and memorize which controller controls which function , and control it that way in real time ? Or have they done that already in the Peter sed\'s giga format version. thanks for your time , Ken