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Topic: send levels

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    send levels

    I have a SBLive card so I only have two outputs. I can\'t seem to figure out how to
    have individual aux and/or fx sends for each
    individual midi channel. Either I\'m not reading the documentation correctly or it means all instruments have the same fx on a two output system.

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    Re: send levels

    The effects seem to be on the output channels and not the midi channels. I wish they were on the specific midi channels I asked this question a few days ago. Hoping I was missing something. Maybe I am still missing something. Using the effects it seems to go over everything on two channel cards like the sb live. In order to have separate effects It seems like you would need a card that has multiple channels. Most likely a GSIF compatible card.

    It would be nice to have midi channels routed through the effects, without having to do it through channel manipulation.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: send levels

    Thanks joe.
    Is this possible?

    if I have a gsif card I can place my instruments on the 32 dsp inputs each having a diffrent effect setup. Then route all instruments to use channel 1 and 2 only for output.
    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: send levels

    I think I get what jbibbo is saying. But what I\'m still not sure of is can I have say midi ch 1\'s send level at 50 and midi ch 2\'s send level at 75 even though they are going
    to the same fx or aux. or are both midi ch send levels fixed to the same amount because the card is a Direct Sound and not a GSIF?

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    Re: send levels

    PaPa Chalk and tom d,

    The NFXs can be attached to midi channels via a the DSP Station mixer. I think the confusion is the relationship between the DSP Station mixer and the sound cards. So let me give it a shot:

    There are two types of sound cards that work with GigaX product:

    DirectSound cards - 2 channels, 16-bit
    GSIF compatible cards - n channels, upto 24 bits

    If you have a DirectSound type of card, then the DSP Station mixer comes with only 2 mixer
    inputs, and 1 stereo aux bus.

    If you have a GSIF card (regardsless of how many channels of output) the DSP Station mixer comes with 32 channels of input and 8 stereo aux busses.

    The way the system works is as follows:

    Midi Chans. are routed to DSP Station inputs.
    DSP Station inputs are routed to HW outputs.
    DSP Station auxes are routed to HW outputs.
    NFXs can be inserts (attached to inputs)
    NFXs can be aux (attached to aux busses)

    So if you really want to apply the NFXs on a midi channel, then you will need the full DSP Station mixer of 32 inputs channels, which means a GSIF type card. You can then route each midi channel to separate mixer input channel. Next you can apply an insert effect on a channel by channel basis.

    Does that make sense?

    Some more stats: There are up to 4 inserts per channel, and 4 aux effects per bus.

    Hope this helps.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: send levels

    Yes to PaPa Chalk.

    And yes to tom d, if you have a GSIF card.
    No if you DirectSound card, ... well maybe there is a way if your only talking about 2
    midi channels, but if you have more than 2
    midi channels then you will need more DSP Station mixer inputs.
    Each inputs channel has independent send levels.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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