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Topic: Celtic library

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    Celtic library

    Does anyone know if any Celtic sample
    libraries are planned for GigaSampler?
    Something like e.g. the Uilleann pipes
    can\'t be emulated by a RAM based sampler.
    It\'s far, far too expressive.
    A library with top quality Clarsah harp, tin whistles, Uilleann pipes, bodhrán etc. etc.
    That would kick ...

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    Re: Celtic library

    Look back at the last 2 months posts here. This topic has come up before and someone suggested a spanking new library that should be out by now. Can\'t remember the name of it, but you\'ll find it.


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    Re: Celtic library

    I just bought the Roland \"Orchestral 2\" expansion board about a couple months ago and it has all of the sounds you mentioned. Clarsah harp, Ueillien Pipes, tin whistles, bodhran, etc...
    I\'m not real fond of the tin whistle samples, but the clarsah harps and bodhrans and Ueillien pipes are excellent.

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    Re: Celtic library

    Sampled Uilleann pipes couldn\'t be excellent
    until GigaSampler, since they\'re extremely
    expressive (you can\'t reproduce all those
    little nuances with a tiny patch on a tiny
    16MB expansion board that has tons of other
    waves on it as well. However, I\'ll buy a
    JV-1010 with the Orchestral II board soon
    (the pipes aren\'t excellent, but still good,
    and JV-sounds are always nice). I have a real
    bodhrán so I won\'t use sampled ones (yeah! :c).

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