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Topic: gigs

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    My question is this, I have just recieved Gigastudio and I got Jinjee\'s strings with it. In gigasampler it was easy to move the gigs from the cd to the harddrive. Now I get \"Unknown format\" for any cd I put in to try to load gigs into the harddrive for use in GS. Can someone tell me how to do this simple task so that I can move the gigs from cd to the harddrive. Thanks alot.

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    Re: gigs

    I\'m facing the same problem here. Had to manually copy the files to the drive.

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    Re: gigs

    Cheez has the right answer. Just copy the files from your CD ROM to your harddrive.
    If you have the GigaStudio up when you are doing the copying, then hit F5 after the files are copied. The new files should show up in the QuickSound window. If you did the copying while GigaStudio is closed, then the new .gigs will show up automatically next time you open the app.

    The CD ROM icon in the lower left window is for the audio converters. You will only see something if you have either an AKAI or redbook audio CD in your drive. CDROMs with .gig files should be copied onto your harddrive.

    I hope this helps.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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