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Topic: Trading sample cd's

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    Trading sample cd\'s

    My name is Worra and I\'m moderator of this Forum. I\'ve removed your posting. The reason to this are as follows:

    Commersial sample cd\'s are almost without exeption copyrighted, that means that you buy the actual cd\'s they are on and a private licence to use them for your own.
    That means, like it or not, that selling, trading or evan giving them away are illegal.
    This might seem strange and maybe not something that you would think about, I mean, you bought it, so you should be allowed to sell it, but this is how the laws work.
    Now, if you have sample-cd\'s in AKAI format that are free from copyright, i.e you made them yourself, please write a new message stating that, then your\'e welcome.

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    Re: Trading sample cd\'s

    Actually, I believe that all the Libraries produced by Best Service, AO for instance, CAN be re-sold.

    At least that’s my memory of what Holger said when this topic come up a couple of months ago.

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    Re: Trading sample cd\'s

    Ok, but I think that we should state that in the postings, is that it\'s ok to sell, lot\'s of piracy going on....

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    Re: Trading sample cd\'s

    I read the thread with Holger\'s responses. The impression I get is that it\'s also allowable for me to give the sample CD away, as long as I don\'t use those sounds anymore (ie. I delete them from my computer memory, disks, etc.).

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    Re: Trading sample cd\'s

    ok i don twant buy the cd s
    i want change

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