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Topic: Giga Dimensions

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    Giga Dimensions

    I use GigaSampler and Finale to write music. I have Advanced Orchestra and I would like to use dimensions better with Finale but I can\'t figure it out. I can use legato and staccato with flutes and trumpets by entering the low C or F to switch. I enter those actual notes on Layer 2, so I can delete them later when I print out the score and parts. I understand AO uses C1 - D#2 to change dimensions. When I try this with other instruments - like French Horn - it doesn\'t work. I have a 61 key Yamaha PSR-530 I use to input notes. I transposed the keyboard down an octave and that doesn\'t make it work. I transposed down 1 octave and then 2 octaves in Finale and that doesn\'t work. I would like to either move the dimensions to an area on my keyboard where they will work or use something in Finale to trigger the notes. The second idea might work better for switching back and forth from staccato to legato. Anybody have any ideas?

    This is from the instruction manual with AO. \"If you have a small keyboard or simple prefer to work with MIDI program changes, you can create an object in your sequencer which transforms the program changes 0-15 to note-on-events C-1 to D#-2.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Giga Dimensions


    I have a similar setup (GS + AO + another notation program - Musicator). I find that the only practical way to work is to create separate staves (I call them \"control\" staves) to contain the dimension switching notes. I have one control stave per instrument and I set things so that the control stave is mapped to the same MIDI channel as the instrument it is controlling. Also, I always assign the bass clef to the control staves and make sure there is no transposition.

    I hope you can do this in Finale.

    Unfortunately I don\'t have the problem with the French Horn\'s etc not responding to the control notes. The French Horn Solo only uses from C1 up to A1, of course and the French Horn Section only from C1 up to C2.

    I hope this is of some help. Keep trying; you will get there in the end.

    All the best ,

    Richard Cox.


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    Re: Giga Dimensions

    Thanks Richard,

    That is a good idea. When I transpose the way I do it, I have to go back and correct the dimension notes. Wouldn\'t it be nice though if we could enter the dimension changes as easy as we enter articulations.


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    Re: Giga Dimensions


    I use Finale with GS. The key switch setup in AO is poorly suited to work with a sequencer/notation programs. I recommend that you edit the AO instruments so that the dimensions are changed by a controller (I use the mod wheel) instead of keys.

    In Finale, create non-printing score expressions that set the controller value to the desired dimension.

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    Re: Giga Dimensions

    Another good idea Bill. I don\'t have a mod wheel on my keyboard, just a pitch bend. I have a sustain pedal. Changing through non-printing controllers would be great.


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