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Topic: Many Instruments - One Sample Pool?

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    Many Instruments - One Sample Pool?

    Is this possible in Kontakt? Right now I can only make Kontakt create a new set of samples for each variation of an instrument. I am trying to figure out how to best convert Giga-libraries to Kontakt.

    Also, is there a common standard for how Kontakt wants the .wav\'s to be labeled? My Kontakt imports render .wav names such as \"1_A0.wav\", and \"1_A0.nov\". Nki\'s from other sources have names such as: \"A0(1).wav\"

    Thanks for any enlightment.

    Hans Adamson
    Art Vista Productions

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    Re: Many Instruments - One Sample Pool?

    Once again, does Kontakt allow several instruments sharing the same .wav pool?


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    Re: Many Instruments - One Sample Pool?

    You can share wave pools across different instruments.

    I layed out the samples in folders, each containing chromatic samples sections having simple A0, B0 etc names. When you build the instruments you have to save \"program only\" and use \"relative path\". When you re-load a program and save it under a different name it will directly \"know\" where the samples are. Edit the program and save as above.

    To convert a Giga instrument takes another step. You have to use a program like Translator to keep the original sample pool structure and directory tree intact. Translator generates the original wav names (without the number-prefix) and the correct tree structure with an instrument file that \"points\" to the right samples. The instrument file generated by Translator has small bugs (all volumes are set to -99 instead of 0, and all panning is set to -99; but that is easy to fix). WHen you save the instrument file you have to save the program only and to the wav\'s where they are. If not you will create a new folder with the instrument name, where a copy of all the samples (with the directory tree) is created. No go.

    Michiel Post

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    Re: Many Instruments - One Sample Pool?

    Well thanks both of you!

    Your help is very much appreciated. Kontakt has been driving me one step closer to the lunatic asylum, but I seem to be making a little headway at the moment.

    I\'ll be back with more questions later!


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    Re: Many Instruments - One Sample Pool?

    As far as I know it can\'t be done directly (selecting a specific directory containing the samples) but there\'s a \"tricky\" way.
    You create the instrument variation and let Kontakt make a new directory with (the same) samples.
    Next you close Kontakt and delete all the samples.
    Next time you open the instrument_variation.nki, the program won\'t find the samples and will let you tell him where they are. You can then select the original instrument directory. This way you\'ll have two instruments .nki files (original and variation) pointing at the same sample directory.
    Quite crooked isn\'t it? Hope next releases will allow a better way to handle it.

    BTW any plan to publish a malmsjo kontakt version ?

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