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    Can anyone out there recommend a good electric guitar sample cd that contains voices such as jazz, muted, overdrive, distorted, fender strat, etc? This seems to be a voice area that is being totally ignored. I like the way Accoustic Essentials guitar allows you to play chords and mimic stumming licks on the keyboard however it only offers unpluggged sounds as opposed to electric. Someone told me that Hans Zimmer guitar was good. Yeah or nay.

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    I can\'t say which is better but here is a list of libraries to look into.
    Steve Stevens- very good rock and clean guitars with effects, scrapes, everything. Some people don\'t seem to like it by I don\'t know why. It works for me. It has a balzy clean guitar that I use for that Good bad ugly style. To hear it and the acoustic guitar, check out the Native American demo on our website.

    Hanz Zimmer Volume 1 & 2. I don\'t have much experience with them but they sound very nice from what I have heard.

    Quantum Leap Guitars by Nick Phoenix.
    Although I have heard a handfull of people gripe about these, I think they are very cool. They cover alot of feel and style and chords and effects.

    For strums of course there is the Acoustic essentials and the High Strung Nashville Guitars by Jim Corrigan from NemeSys.

    Take care

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    Thanks Dave. I already have the accoustic essentials and I think it is great. I am probably leaning to the Hans Zimmer guitar 1 & 2 which I heard is really good. I was under the impression that Worra was working on a Fender Strat cd but I haven\'t heard much about it lately.


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    Quantum Leap Guitar & Bass has by far the broadest selection of sounds. You can hear the demo online at soundsonline.com

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    Quantum Leap Guitar and Bass is a very good library. I\'m not totally pleased with the layout of the samples and the lack of use of dimension control, but I cured that myself (I really prefer the approach of using notes below the playable range of the instrument to control things like attack, release, etc, instead of using velocity control for some of those things). There\'s a nice variety of guitar sounds on there, though, and they were all sampled very well. My only big complaint is that you can\'t use the pitch bend wheel on them.

    The Steve Stevens library is also good and complements Quantum Leap nicely.

    I\'m not familiar with the Zimmer libraries. Any details on those would be greatly appreciated.

    I currently have, in my sweaty little hand, a copy of Guitar Expressions from Big Fish Audio. However, I will not be able to check it out until my GigaStudio arrives later this week because it\'s in Akai S3000 format.

    Note to Mr. Phoenix: Is there some way to eliminate the attacks on some of those samples to get a hammer attack sound instead of a picked attack sound? Or is there a way to enable the pitch bend wheel on those samples?

    Tim http://www.elithic.com

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    I agree that pitch bend is a must for me. I just want the pure samples with a decent amount of sustain time. I can map out my own instruments from there and build chords if necessary. Guitar is a must as far as I am concerned and although modern keyboards now have decent guitar voices there is nothing like the real thing or the next best thing: Giga. Thanks for the heads up. Peace.

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    You can enable the pitch bend in the editor in the global edit window very easily. Cannot believe I forgot that. Note, I have to tell you that the reason I created QL guitar and bass in the first place was because I was so disappointed with Hans Zimmer 1 when it came out. There are only a couple things on the entire disk that I like. That\'s not to say it\'s bad, it\'s just not Hans\' best guitar samples. It\'s the B list. Not very expressive. I think the name has carried that disk a long way. Doesn\'t cover many styles. Steve Stevens is similar. A couple good patches. Very limited styles. But I guess there is alot of personal preference involved. From my viewpoint there is no comparison. Hans Zimmer 2 isn\'t bad, but covers pretty much ecclectic acoustic sounds only. I am curious what people think. I\'m going to post a poll.

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    I get wonderful electric guitars using a Yamaha XG module and it\'s built in insert effects. To my ears, a simple jazz guitar patch run through guitar processing is the only way to go. I can\'t imagine being able to set up enough dimensions in GS to get even close. Even if you did, you wouldn\'t get the proper interaction between notes. I think GS\'s high resolution sampling is great for acoustic guitars, but for electrics, give me an XG.

    Laurence Kingston

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    Is there more than one XG module? Are you talking XG as in soundcard or daughter board or external synth module box?

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    There\'s a whole line of XG modules. The lowest models in the line have reverb chorus and a third programmable effect that works great as a guitar processor. These models include the DB50XG and the MU50. Up from there you can go to the MU100, the MU100R and the SW1000 PCI card. These have more sounds, take expansion cards, and have reverb, chorus, and three multipurpose effects. I use an MU128 which has the same effects routings, but has more sounds, more polyphony and more expansion slots. In Japan, they are also marketing MU1000 and MU2000 models which are similar to the MU128 but have an extra insert effect among the new features.

    With my MU128 and it\'s three insert effects, I can do several tracks of processed guitars at once. The sound isn\'t just close, it nails it! I do leads from a midi guitar and a PLG150VL processed through the MU128\'s effects. The sound is incredible. No sampled sound comes anywhere close. I\'ve also been getting some pretty amazing results lately using the NTONYX performance modeling software on this sound instead of the midi guitar as well.

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