Thought I\'d introduce the company officially here. Translator is the program and Chicken Systems is the company. Translator can read all the above formats and translate them into Gigasampler/Gigastudio, on an individual basis or bulk basis. For more info, see

Myself, I don\'t particularly like seeing product pitches on forums all over the place, so I\'m doing this once to get it out of the way.

Couple things I\'ll mention: Nemesys really is a excellent company to work with. They are responsive and committed to quality. They are open to peoples ideas and I believe they will take the Giga concept far.

In defense of their current huge rush with Gigastudio, if this is the time to cut them slack, now is the time. If you have purchased Gigastudio, remember you are paying for use months from now - not just today. It\'s a new product and like any new software product it takes time to resolve all issues; and of course when the product is first released all the issues appear at once. Sooner or later all will be resolved.

It\'s a common advisement to buy software 6 months after it\'s been released. On the other hand, it\'s difficult for a company like Nemesys to survive if it doesn\'t bring in sales ASAP after the release. Perhaps that\'s the reason for early releases - faster to market, faster to the 6 month period of time.

Some may see this as \"customers being beta-testers.\" I see it rather as smart customers knowing a good product when they see it. If you buy it quickly you are supporting the company, actually enabling them to make it better for you.

So if Gigastudio isn\'t panning out for you yet, give it some time. You just did the best thing to help yourself - you bought the program.

However, Gigastudio is working well for a great many people. With new products, there\'s bound to be early wrinkles.

OK, next thing is that this forum looks great. Congrats to the forum founders. And thank you to the many people who ask questions and the ones who give intelligent answers. To those who fire off knee-jerk comments and don\'t have the intelligence to write constructively, go away and bother other people.

Last request - if anyone is having problems reading an Akai format drive/CD-ROM using Giga, drop us a line and give some specifics.

Again, great meeting you all.