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Topic: XSample Sound Library???

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    XSample Sound Library???

    I am new to Gigasampler and was wondering if anyone has used or owns the XSample Sound Library and has any comments good or bad about it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: XSample Sound Library???

    So far I\'ve seen several posts from users, and not a single bad word to say.
    One common thread has been that,although the Gary Garritan Gigaharp is exquisite, the Xsample one compares very favourably.
    I\'ve also seen great comments about the disk with the Rhodes on it.
    On the Gigasampler demo disk, I was knoced out by the woodwind demos.
    Anyone else??

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    Re: XSample Sound Library???

    I really enjoy the XSample stuff. The harp is absolutely gorgeous. Also, the woodwinds are top notch. I don\'t really care for the brass, but because I\'m a trumpet player, I\'m kind of a tough cookie when it comes to brass
    I have not had very good tech support from them, though. I emailed them a couple of months ago to try to figure out how to get the crescendo dimension to work, but they never answered. I think it\'s because there\'s no way to get them to work

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    Re: XSample Sound Library???

    I have the Rhodes/Wurli (& bass guitar) disk.
    The electric pianos are great, the bass guitar
    hasn\'t excited me, though admittedly I\'ve never
    liked to play a \"guitar\" on a keyboard.

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    Re: XSample Sound Library???

    I have bought the complete XSample library set and am very pleased with it so far. I agree with IOComposer that the woodwinds and harp are excellent. Nick Phoenix\'s Quantum Leap Brass compliments this library nicely.

    I also use the excellent Yamaha VL1-m virtual acoustic synth (with breath controller) for woodwind, saxophones and a little brass. I find samples ok for most musical situations, but the expression obtainable from the VL1-m can leave most samples behind - especially saxophones.

    I find emulating expressive trumpet parts (e.g. Herb Alpert style) very challenging still.


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    Re: XSample Sound Library???

    I have the harp disk with the celeste and both instruments are excellent. I also have the woodwinds disk which is also quite good. They give you both stereo and mono samples of all instruments which comes in handy if you are low on hard drive space. I use mostly the mono samples for this reason. They have always responded to my emails within 24 hours and have been most helpful with problems.

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    Re: XSample Sound Library???

    Hello IOComposer,

    normally we try to reply as quick as possible to questions. If you got no answer, this must be just a technical problem of mailing (?). The crescendo fades have to work. Maybe repeat your question.

    Georg of Xsample

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    Re: XSample Sound Library???

    I really enjoy the complete set of XSample. But the only one thing dissapointing to me is that Vioin, Viola samples include only staccato patches. There is no useful legato patches.

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    Re: XSample Sound Library???

    We are working on legato patches for our Solo Strings...
    and more...


    Hans-Josef Winkler of Xsample

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