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Topic: IOComposer; No GigaBrass???

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    IOComposer; No GigaBrass???

    I have been following the discussion on Ultimate Percussion Library with great interest. However I did not enjoy your (IOComposer) post about dropping the release of Gigabrass?? Is this a final decision? I was really looking forward to this library (as I am for getting money for Ultimate Percussion, hopefully pretty soon).


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    Re: IOComposer; No GigaBrass???

    Hi Simon.
    Thanks for the inquiry. Unfortunately, I\'ve decided not to sell my library. I\'m pretty much done with it and have been using it in my work for a while now, but I\'m afraid that it\'s a bit too convoluted and complex for a commercial release. First off, there are about 3 gigs worth of samples. Not only would I have to deliver it on a DVD, but most Giga users could not load the whole set. I use 2 computers with 512M of RAM each and just barely fit the whole library with all of the rest of my instruments.

    Secondly, the response is delayed. Because the attacks are everything to brass, you can\'t play these instruments like you could most samples. I have the whole attacks without the beginnings truncated. As a result, when I create the performances, I have to adjust them slightly forward in time in my sequencer in order to get them to lay in time. It makes getting natural sounding performances very difficult, but I\'ve gotten used to it over time. It makes them sound more realistic, but could you imagine the flack that I would get for releasing samples in that condition? Of course, I could truncate them and have them respond immediately, but then that would hurt the realism of the samples.

    There are other issues too such as tuning, vibrato techniques, etc. , but the short of the matter is that this library uses very unconventional techniques to coax realistic performances. It would require that the people that buy this library would have to change the way they work in order to get the performances to sound good. I designed the library for the way that I work, so it\'s great for me, but to ask that of the general user would be a lot and I fear that I would have a lot of unhappy customers on my hands. I simply don\'t have the time to become a technical support person. I\'m a composer, not a library developer. Just getting the product out the door would consume more time from me than I have to spend.

    Besides, based on the attitudes of entitlement and expectations that a lot of users have (as demonstrated all over this forum) with sample libraries, I don\'t really feel like subjecting myself to that kind of scrutiny and negativity. I do that enough with my music...to do it with my tools would be like handing a filet mignon to a rabid dog.

    And then there\'s the whole piracy issue...blah, blah, blah...just writing this post makes me nauseous. Better for me to not sell right now.

    Anyway...the Quantum Leap Brass collection is REALLY good! I think that for a general purpose library, you couldn\'t go wrong with that one. I would certainly buy it if I didn\'t already have my own custom brass solution.

    I hope I haven\'t let you down too much as I have appreciated your input, but as you can see, there are just too many issues that prevent me from a commercial release of this library.


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    Re: IOComposer; No GigaBrass???

    Dear Jamey (IOComposer),

    It is a pity that you have decided not to release your gigabrass library based on your statement in the \"Ultimate Percussion!!\" thread:

    \"In fact, the disrespect and opions of delusional superiority and entitlement spewed forth from some of the users on this forum is the exact reason why I decided not to sell my gigabrass library.\"

    I\'m sure your gigabrass library is of very high quality (as your mp3 demos have illustrated) and would have provided much pleasure to GS users.

    I\'m glad, however, that other developers have decided to continue to make available their high quality libraries (e.g. Ultimate Percussion, Quantum Leap Brass, XSample, ...), despite critiscm from some users of this forum.

    I\'m also glad that I continue to compose music despite some negative reactions to some of it ;-)

    Best Regards

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    Re: IOComposer; No GigaBrass???

    Then just give it to ME! :-)

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    Re: IOComposer; No GigaBrass???

    In responding to I/O composer.It is certainly your right to do what ever you choose with your library . I just wanted to respond to a few of your statements . As far as dvd being the storage medium for your 3 gig library. You could also use the multidisk cd format and use Nemesys\'s no lose compression sceme which reduces the size by 50 percent =1.5 gigs . which is a little smaller than the 1.8 bosendorfer that is out on 2 disk.
    As far as truncating goes , I haven\'t found that leaving dead air space before a sample improves it\'s realism . I usually go about one or two cycles before that attack and truncate there. Or is it that you have the air blowing before the sound that you want to leave for realism. Sometimes you can get a pretty realistic balance by delaying the attack envelope and truncating in the right spot. Also just wondering ,why does talking on this form make you nauseous? As far as system requirements go ,I only have a pen 450 with 128 megs of ram but my friend has a pen 600 with 1 gig of ram , It would probably work on his. Oh yeah as far as negitivity goes , some people are just that way anyway ,regarless of how good the product is.They are just expressing the agravations [Got stuck in traffic on the way home , boss is a jerk, etc] there daily life , and what a better way to do it where you don\'t have to be face to face with someone .So if you do decide to release it dont take every critism personally ,some are just releasing steam. such is the world of the 21 century that we live. I don\'t think a couple screeming people [that need to have there blood pressure checked ] should have to ruin it for the rest of us.

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    Re: IOComposer; No GigaBrass???

    Nauseated... That was a tounge-in-cheek comment...is there a symbol for that? maybe it\'s :P I don\'t know. Anyway, perhaps a better word would be anxiety. I\'m anxious to please but I\'m a bit of a nervous chap. Anyway, I didn\'t mean to try to focus the attention on me, I was just trying to explain the personal and technical reasons why I\'m not releasing my library commercially at the moment.

    Indeed there are solutions to some of my problems and perhaps someday when I\'ve got the time to deal with them, I\'ll rethink my decision. As for right now, you wouldn\'t believe how busy I am. I\'m working waaay too much these days, but the projects that I\'ve taken on require it.

    Thanks for the ideas and encouragement!

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