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Topic: Quantum Leap Brass?

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    Quantum Leap Brass?

    I have heard the Quantum Leap Brass demo at soundsonline.com
    I honestly wasn\'t that impressed with the autheticity. But I didn\'t think it was bad either. Soundsonline offers to send a demo CD if the internet connection is not so good (my connection was okay but I think the Real audio demo is perhaps not doing it justice). I have requested twice but have received no demo CD nor any reply from them.

    So does anybody have an opinion on this collection?

    I am looking for what we are all looking for in sample collections: AUTHENTICITY or as close as possible. I am also looking for a collection that is not so loop performance oriented. I\'d like to be the one playing the musical lines not triggering remote-control performances.

    If by chance the man who created this collection is reading this, might you be able to point me to some MP3 demos of this collection or could you send me a demo CD.

    I would like to give it a fair listen before considering a purchase.

    Thanks for your opinions/help.

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    Re: Quantum Leap Brass?

    Keep pestering them for a CD.
    The RealAudio demo sounds awful...the CD sounds incredible.

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    Re: Quantum Leap Brass?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by R & S Hanlon:
    So does anybody have an opinion on this collection?

    There is a review of QLB on Sonic Control at http://www.soniccontrol.com/tech/midi/articles/samplecds/qlbrass.shtml

    For those of you who are using QLB now, feel free to cast your vote on how you rate the library with the user voting booth.

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>
    I am looking for what we are all looking for in sample collections: AUTHENTICITY or as close as possible. I am also looking for a collection that is not so loop performance oriented. I\'d like to be the one playing the musical lines not triggering remote-control performances.

    QLB is by no means a loop library, so I think it could be what you are looking for. The solo and ensemble trumpets are fantastic, as are the ensemble French Horns and Trombones with lots of nice attacks, effects and that sort of thing. QLB is a bit expensive (not as expensive as a lot of other libraries mind you), but worth it if you are doing a lot of heavy duty brass writing for orchestra, imho.


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    Re: Quantum Leap Brass?

    The ensembles are great, especially the
    trumpets,trombones and french horns. I used
    them for classic (with AO) and fusion.
    They give you a realistic colour in the mix.
    I don´t like the solo sound (esp. sax) so much.
    But the library is the money worth

    Take care

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    Re: Quantum Leap Brass?

    I have no complaints on this library. Everything is very usefull. This is a good brass library to start with first and then I like the effects from the AO brass and of course the Miroslav French horns. I personally love the Saxes from this and the XSample library.

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    Re: Quantum Leap Brass?

    I\'ve had the pleasure of trying out the new quantum leap brass library, and I must say it certainly lives up to my expectations, but it is not until you start working with the samples in a composition, that you realise how useful they can be. I myself will use the solo trumpet patches more than anything else in the library, since these are by far the best solo trumpet samples i\'ve worked with. On the other hand, the ensemble trumpets are too weak for my tastes. They lack the fat and juicy \"body\" that fx. miroslav trumpets have, (but they sure blend nicely into heavy orchestral arrangements) thus making them less tasteful for my likings. However, this is only my personal opinions, and to other people, these samples could be just what they are in need of. I also miss some dynamic playing in the sustained notes (again, comparing to miroslav, which has a greater dynamic feel to it). Even though this would mean less versatile (or useful) samples, the realism would increase, and your lines would sound more expressive and grand. Then again I could be the only one wanting a grand expressive trumpet ensemble patch, with a thicker, heavier tone....

    I\'m also slightly annoyed by the addition of saxophones. There are several articulations in the REAL brass instruments that aren\'t featured in the library (including multi-velocity bass trombone, and french horn solo samples), why on earth did they include a load of saxophones (which are of no use to me whatsoever (As I just HATE the sound and looks of saxophones, and its even worse when played on a keyboard with samples), instead of consentrating on what the library should contain. The definitive collection of brass samples. The saxophone isn\'t even a true member of the brass family, and if you ask me, it isn\'t worthy of a place therein either. I will never forgive them for including saxophones. If you absolutely need to score for saxophones, I suggest you buy a yamaha VL70m. It\'s far more expressive and sounds quite convincing too.

    Having said that, I still think quantum leap brass is excellent, with a lovely bright and crispy sound that we all love in brass instruments. It\'s quickly becoming a favourite among composers, as they realize its true potential in a professional arrangement (of any kind of musical style).

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    Re: Quantum Leap Brass?

    I also purchased the Quantum Leap Brass, and am pleased for the most part with it. Be forewarned though, there are absolutely no solo horns, ensemble only. One other quibble, since when are reed instruments included in Brass? Are they there simply because symphonic bands have Saxes, and they happen to be brass?

    Steve Mitchell
    The Classical MIDI Resource

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    Re: Quantum Leap Brass?


    I will venture a guess why saxes are included in Quantum Leap Brass. Many of the horn sections you hear in pop and rock music such as Chicago, Tower of Power, etc. are made up of Trumpets, Trombones and Saxes (Alto, Tenor and Bari). I don\'t have this set yet but I want it. They would be great for the studio \'horns\' on so much music and you have to have the saxes.


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    Re: Quantum Leap Brass?

    I really appreciate all the \'solo\' libraries coming out for GS these days, but unfortunately what I really need is better brass/wind ensembles. I guess the reason we only see solo libraries coming out is one of production costs. If it is not, please make some ensembles libraries to equal Xsample, Dan Dean etc. libraries....!!!


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    Re: Quantum Leap Brass?

    Can\'t wait for Dan Dean Solo Brass...


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