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Topic: GigaSampler LE Included sounds

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    GigaSampler LE Included sounds

    I\'m interested in GigaSampler LE and see that there is included \"GigaSampler Sound Collection #1\", but nowhere do I find a list of what these sounds are. I sent a request directly to Nemesis but have received no reply.
    Can anyone share the list with me?


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    Re: GigaSampler LE Included sounds

    May I in a humble way recommend my site www.worrasplace.com where you can download loads of free sounds for Gigasampler


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    Re: GigaSampler LE Included sounds

    Thanks to all who have responded.

    Is the nunmber of outputs (voices) the major difference between the LE version and the full version?

    And any expeirences using CubaseVST as the sequencer to drive GigaSampler?


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    Re: GigaSampler LE Included sounds

    Yes, the main difference between the LE and full gigasampler is the number of available voices. With LE you also don\'t get the direct digital capture and you\'re limited to 2 outputs. And, LE doesn\'t ship with the GigaPiano, just those few samples that you\'ve been talking about.

    To get more specific, the software that ships with the LE version and the \"full\" version are actually the exact same software! Nemesys simply uses a software flag to tell the would-be \"full\" version to \"pretend\" to be the LE by limiting the number of voices to 48! So, believe it or not, when you buy the LE version, you\'re actually getting the FULL version...only in disguise!!! =)

    By the way, I think the Gigapiano is certainly worth owning. So, if you do decide to buy the LE, you might as well go ahead and pick up the GigaPiano CD...I think it\'s only $99.

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    Re: GigaSampler LE Included sounds

    It\'s not much of a collection. If you\'re thinking the collection is kind of a starter kit, think again. It\'s six or 7 samples and a couple of demos. The snare drum is a revelation. The Rick bass is excellent too. Then there\'s a couple of synth sounds.
    I asked the same question when I bought the LE and chose to augment it with the conexant GM 500 which, alas, is also not much of a collection...

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