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Topic: Free Giga samples?

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    Free Giga samples?

    Anybody know of any sites out there that have free Giga stuff?
    I don\'t expect commercial sites to give away much more than your basic demos, but other sites, run by enthusiasts maybe...

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    Re: Free Giga samples?

    Check out www.worrasplace.com

    Click on \'Gigs\'

    Most of these are user-created, user-submitted gigasamples. Some of them are pretty good actually.

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    Re: Free Giga samples?

    I\'m actually working on a few but I don\'t think I\'ll post them until my web site is up. Worra\'s place is a great idea, but you can spend alot of time sorting through poor samples to find a few worthwhile ones. I\'ll definately post an address when I\'ve got the samples finished.

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    Re: Free Giga samples?

    I really enjoy browsing Worrasplace, even though, as Stronzthro says, it\'s hit or miss (and on one drum kit I swear I can hear human conversations in the samples!). I\'m mostly into acoustic sounds, and the best that I\'ve found at Worra\'s are a really nice Tenor sax and Jinjees cellos, recently removed in light of, well, you know what.

    It\'s a terrific resource from some free kicks and a couple of samples that\'ll become permanent pieces in your arsenal. I hope and pray that Worra keeps it up and keeps it growing.

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    Re: Free Giga samples?

    Worra, maybe you could get votes and have the samples rated?

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    Re: Free Giga samples?

    Worra\'s site has not had any new instruments posted for at least three weeks. I hope the problem with the horn CD has not caused a rift in the community. These are learning experiences we will have. Perhaps this our opportunity to step up to a higher level of quality and integrity.

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