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Topic: Concert Grand?

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    Concert Grand?

    Hello fellow musicians!

    Can someone explain to me why so many people sample the most expensive pianos in the world and make 1GB+ libraries, when the controller 64 (i.e. the right pedal) is implemented as a switch?!?! and not continuous?

    As a concert pianist I have to say that a delicate use of pedal is one of the fundamentals of piano playing and you can have the most expensive samples of the universe, it is not useable for classical music unless the sustain works continuously!(provided you do not play staccato music only, of course)

    I once did a project where I compared many digital pianos on the market and what stroke me always immidiately (no matter how the actual sound was)was this sudden switch-off of all the held notes when the pedal reached the 65/64 level. To me the piano in Roland\'s Sound Canvas (the Controller 64 is continuous) sounds much more natural than Gigapiano although the samples itself are of course uncomparable (I mean GP is so much better).

    Well, maybe I am just too biased, listenning to concert grands all my life.


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    Re: Concert Grand?

    It\'s going to be quite some time before a continuous pedal can be modeled.

    I agree, though. On/off pedal is completely unrealistic. But at least we\'re getting closer with the quality of piano sounds available.

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