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Topic: Electric Guitar

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    Electric Guitar

    I would like to have a good sounding electric guitar to use in my Gigastudio. Suitable for rock, mainly solos, with an attitude. Any suggestions anyone what to buy?

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    Re: Electric Guitar

    Just use some clean guitar sample (any soundmodule will do) but hook it up to a decent guitar FX box! Nothing else will give you what you are looking for. Go hard!

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    Re: Electric Guitar

    Check out http://www.alienconnections.com/
    Very good Guitar amp sim.

    ReValver guitar amp. is a DirectX plugin - Fits in Cakewalk, Cubase, Pristine Sounds etc.


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    Re: Electric Guitar

    Thanks John and Ewen for your suggestions. I´ve been using Roland JV guitarsounds for some time now, but I find them a bit boring. Perhaps a decent guitar FX box will do the trick. But why are there so many good drum- bass- keyboard- orchestral sample libraries and almost no guitar, except acoustic? Or am I wrong?

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    Re: Electric Guitar

    Try Quantum Leap Guitar and Bass. I don\'t own it but the demos sound quite decent.

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    Re: Electric Guitar

    I don\'t know if I\'m off-topic for this one.

    I\'m not a professional guitar player, but I do own an electric guitar and play it in my songs (with a lot of cakewalk audio editting and stuff). When I\'m doing a simple demo in which I don\'t want to take my guitar out of its bag and plug it into POD and tune, I\'ll just play the guitar solo with Korg Trinity\'s guitar sound. People can tell it\'s not a real electric guitar sound but they all think that I already give them the feeling I need with a real one.

    I have Quntum Leaps Guitars & Bass, and I\'ve tried Steve Stevens\' Guitar in my friend\'s store. There are some solo guitar sounds in both collection, but none that you can play without doing some midi event editting later, cause they tend to put some fx sounds and stuff in high velocity area, like 104-127. Yet if you\'re willing to do the editting, which doesn\'t really cost you much time, thay are usable.

    p.s.: as for accoustic guitar sounds, I personally don\'t like those in QL Guitars & Bass and Steve Stevens. The 2 in QL are full of noises - noises, not ambience; the SS one seems to have only FF tones, like you\'re picking every string with all your strength.

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