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Topic: Samples from www.gigasampler.ru ?

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    Samples from [url]www.gigasampler.ru[/url] ?

    I came across this site and saw that they are selling sample CD´s for just $8 !!! Anyone know if they are illegal copies or just amateur made samples? http://www.gigasampler.ru


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    Re: Samples from [url]www.gigasampler.ru[/url] ?

    With titles like:
    \"Gig Advanced Orchestra\"
    \"Gig Symphony of Voices\"
    \"Distorted Reality\" and
    \"Gig Hollywood FX\"
    I\'d be surprised if they were original amateur samples.

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    Re: Samples from [url]www.gigasampler.ru[/url] ?

    Well, I´m new to Gigasampler and to use sampling CD´s as well, so I do not recognise the names yet. But it seems that they are illegal copies then. I may seem a bit naive, but I thought it was better to ask someone who knows, like you the members in this group.

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    Re: Samples from [url]www.gigasampler.ru[/url] ?

    Well, not only names. Just read the texts describing the CDs. You just can\'t get rid of that feeling you read it before....
    I wonder what Northern Sounds, Best Service etc. think about this site.

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    Re: Samples from [url]www.gigasampler.ru[/url] ?

    GAK! How bold!


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