Hi everybody!

I am working day and night at the moment on a whole new GigaStudio community like worrasplace.com (and northernsounds.com).

I just want to point out that this is not an attempt to compete with worrasplace.com or northernsounds.com. Both of these sites are great, and they have been my biggest sources of inspiration! My site is just another way of sharing GigaSamples, experiences etc. etc.

For now only the uploader works. There\'s no fancy graphics or anything. It\'s even on the wrong server for now! Next week it will be moved to another server with UNLIMITED space and fast, unlimited traffic.

Now it\'s your turn. Please go to GigaStudio Uploader and test the uploader for me. Upload some small files and see how it works. If you have ANY comment, whatsoever, please mail me. This is still a beta version and I\'m constantly changing things.

Thanks in advance!

Thomas Regin http://www.thomas-regin.com