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Topic: Sam's Boesendorfer Demos

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    Sam\'s Boesendorfer Demos

    I just put up some tunes, including a Chopin Nocturne and a Beethoven Sonata done with the big Boesendorfer sample:

    There\'s been a bunch of good discussions lately about GS piano samples, a topic near to my heart. Anyway, rather than yap about why I like this sample, I thought I\'d try to put up something that does it justice.

    Let me know what you think, other than, \"hey sam you use too much pedal...\"

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    Re: Sam\'s Boesendorfer Demos

    I was just listening to these critically now. I like the sound in the Chopin nocturne, but there\'s some phase weirdness in the Beethoven, I think I must have added that in the mix with the reverb settings, that\'s not a great representation of the sample\'s sound. I\'ll try and record a better take with a better sound, but since I\'m busy (darned day job) it might be a while.

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    Re: Sam\'s Boesendorfer Demos

    Where\'s the specific Kenny B. cut you mentioned, Sam?


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    Re: Sam\'s Boesendorfer Demos

    > Where\'s the specific Kenny B. cut you mentioned, Sam?

    I think you misunderstood me, I haven\'t recorded any of his
    material, I mentioned Mr. Barron\'s recording just as a superior
    sounding recording, an example of what I would like a
    sample to sound like.


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    Re: Sam\'s Boesendorfer Demos

    Yup, I figured that. So what\'s the CD title?

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    Re: Sam\'s Boesendorfer Demos

    Night and the City
    Kenny Barron (piano) with Charlie Haden on bass

    They have some snippets from this CD at
    Amazon, if you\'re so inclined

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    Re: Sam\'s Boesendorfer Demos

    Thanks, Sam.


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    Re: Sam\'s Boesendorfer Demos


    Thanks for tips about bit-rates and your offer of help with the demos. I will keep it in mind.


    I\'m sorry I deleted the baroque music on the site, and I don\'t have any good slow baroque music for you right now. If you wish I could make you a Mp3 if you send me a MIDI-sequence, and I\'ll mail it to you directly.


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    Re: Sam\'s Boesendorfer Demos

    I\'m a bit of a stickler when it comes to midi piano music. I\'m one of those people who believes that you can\'t take a midi file developed for one piano sample and use it with another. I\'d definitely want to make my own musical and sonic adjustments prior to listening to my material on your piano sample.

    Having said that, of course, I\'ll be buying your piano in any case, because from what I am able to tell, it is an excellent sample. I\'m anticipating having quite a bit of fun with it!

    The sample sounds closer to a real piano in the classical mode, at least, than any of the other samples I own. The Steinway B, which I use for my wtc at mp3.com is quite good in many respects, but it has a juiced-up or filtered sound which your piano sample, from what I can tell, seems happily to lack.

    Mind you, the Steinway B is no slouch. I\'ve received over 200 emails so far at my mp3 site, and notwithstanding my caviat at the site where I actually say that I\'m using a sampled piano, no one--absolutely no one, including a number of high-powered critics and piano teachers--had the faintest idea that the piano was sampled.

    I\'m convinced that your piano will also be more or less unassailable in this respect.

    John http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/42/john_lewis_grant.html

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