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Topic: Faster editing in GStudio?

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    Faster editing in GStudio?

    Is Gigastudio still as dead slow as Gigasampler at editing instruments? I am talking about the HD-profiling or whatever the heck GS is doing after you exit the editor - can take up to 1 minute or so here, before I can get back to work after doing some minor adjustments = a pain in the .
    Has the whole \'profiling\' system been improved so the boot of GStudio is faster than GSampler too?


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    Re: Faster editing in GStudio?

    the \'up to 1 minute hang\' after exiting editor in gigasampler is loading the instrument back in GS. Gigastudio doesn\'t do this anymore. HOWEVER, gigastudio editor takes a long time to load the instrument in the editor, and does not apply simple changes (ie filter, envelope, attenuation etc) to the sound engine... You have to save it and load it to gigastudio after you make simple changes... Is there a switch that can change this behaviour in gigastudio?

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