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Topic: Vitous String Programming Faults

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    Vitous String Programming Faults

    As I am about to start work on a rather epic feature film with a less than epic budget, I have invested in the MV string Ensemb for GS at US$1600. I already own the library for SampleCell and E4 but I couldn\'t wait any longer for Translator to sort out it\'s translation problems. I am very aware of the MV strings strengths and weaknesses but I was very upset at the poor standard of programming of the Giga version.
    The main problem is this. The keyswitched patches take the innovative programming introduced by AO and apply them to the generally more realistic MV samples. Part of the strength of MV is that the sections are recorded in stereo IN PLACE as they would be in a real orchestra, eg violins left. The samples were originally recorded this way and allows a complete stereo picture to be made that sounds \"right\" and converts to mono properly and to 6 channel surround without phase problems. With the keyswitch patches you can switch between non-vib, stacc, dettache, pizz, trem etc with the section perfectly in position but when you play the LN, long note, samples they move to SLIGHTLY CENTRE OF RIGHT. The new patches make programming realistic lines much simpler than using 4 or 5 midi channels to \"comp\" a performance but it sounds like the players are running across the stage on every second note, thus ruining one of the libraries great strengths. I attribute the problem to my belief that the Violins LN samples are actually the \"expresivo\" samples \"doctored\" to reduce the natural swell of the recordings. Unfortunately this has been done very poorly, has compromised the stereo placement and completely ruins the patches! I am trying to work out how to replace these parts of the keyswitch patches with the expressivo samples, any advice would be appreciated.
    I still think it is very poor to sell what is now a 6 year old library (still the best in timbre) for US$1600 with such poor programming. I have noticed the odd looping of non-looped detache samples in other instruments as well.
    I have e-mailed Marcati but, so far, their usually prompt replies have not been forthcoming. They could easily fix this problem, it only concerns the keyswitch patches and make the fix available via the net to purchasors.

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    Re: Vitous String Programming Faults

    That is really annoying. But life goes on - while deadline stays there - you gotta do what you gotta do. This is what I do:

    GigaStudio has 32 or 64 midi channels. That makes it easy for you to set up another channel with the same output @ DSP Station for the wrongly-panned samples. Pan this channel to the desired position.

    Of course, when you record your MIDI sequence you still use the keyswitch and record it in one take, then use CAL or your event editor to extract the specific notes to the other MIDI channel you set up.

    Deep White

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