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Topic: Need Opinions Re:Conexant GM Sample CD's

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    Need Opinions Re:Conexant GM Sample CD\'s

    Hi All!
    I\'m looking for any opinions about the quality of the 150M/500M Conexant GM Sample Cd\'s. Has anyone been using them? I\'m looking specifically for opinions about the \"authenticity\" of the Rhodes, B3, Drums and Brass (horn sections and saxes) samples. These are the prime instruments I plan to be using in my compositions. Also any advantages (sonically) between the 150 and 500 meg versions? Thanks in advance for all of your help!

    Matt D\'Ortona

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    Re: Need Opinions Re:Conexant GM Sample CD\'s

    Don\'t have an opinion yet, but I\'m getting my GM 500 on Friday. I\'ll let you know early next week.


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    Re: Need Opinions Re:Conexant GM Sample CD\'s

    Thanks for replying Ron! I\'ll be eagerly awaiting your review.


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    Re: Need Opinions Re:Conexant GM Sample CD\'s

    I\'ve written at some length about my impressions of the GM 500. In short, my original response was disappointment. These are the not the breathtakingly real and playable/expressive sounds I\'d come to expect from giga libraries (or at least giga library demos!). After a couple of months of use, my opinion has softened considerably, and I\'ve really enjoyed a lot of the sounds here. *However*, your particular needs don\'t match the GM 500\'s strong suits, imos. The keyboards are standard GM fare (though the vibes are lovely). Brass and saxes are not very real, with the exception of a terrific french horn. The Bari sax has a good tone but is only useable as is as a part of section of some kind because it has this relentless, aggressive attack, and I haven\'t figured out what to do about that yet.

    Mixed report on the drums. I really like the cymbals and hi hats, but I really *don\'t* like the bass drum and snare, and there aren\'t many to choose from. I bought the Acoustic Essentials CD mostly for the drum kit and am much happier with that.

    Overall, the samples are clear and strong but not extrememly realistic. It\'s a very good GM soundset (you\'ll have your own preferences), not a foundation to build a composing career on.

    It\'s the rub of this gigasampler business. I\'ma ll dressed up with nowhere to go because I can\'t afford right now the pricier libraries. GM 500 is a good starting point, but if you\'ve already got a standrad Alesis/Korg/Roland module or two, don\'t expect to be blown away.

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    Re: Need Opinions Re:Conexant GM Sample CD\'s

    If you got the cash get the individual libraries that you need. GM500 is definitely a GM sounding library but because GM has a variety of instruments to choose from I think of it as a good sketching library. Some of the sounds are nice (I like the Rhodes, for example) and can be used as the final product but many others just don\'t cut the cake in terms of matching the real instrument.
    If you need a library of variety and you have no cash then pick it up.
    But then again if you already have other GM sets in say .sf2 format, you could just convert those sets into GS format and use those.

    Lower your expectations if you\'re gonna buy the GM500. It\'s not bad at all but don\'t expect the real sounding instruments.

    [This message has been edited by R & S Hanlon (edited 08-30-2000).]

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    Re: Need Opinions Re:Conexant GM Sample CD\'s

    Hi Guys!

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post. I appreciate the candid feedback. Also thanks for the idea of converting the soundfonts. Take it easy!

    Matt D\'Ortona

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    Re: Need Opinions Re:Conexant GM Sample CD\'s

    Well, after getting my GM500, I\'d have to agree with all of the other posts regarding the sounds on this CD. Some are useful, but some are not. I\'d have to say that it\'s a personal taste thing, because I like two of the string ensembles, the bass guitars, and the acoustic guitars. Some of the sounds are really cheap and boring, while others really sound like a lot of effort was put into them. Anyway, it\'s worth the $120 for the few sounds I do like.


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    Re: Need Opinions Re:Conexant GM Sample CD\'s

    Thanks for an honest review Ron! After considering everyone\'s feedback, I think I\'ll hold off on the collection and concentrate on those instruments (i.e. Rhodes, Horns etc) I would like. Glad to have you folks around!


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