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Topic: ARIA to support GIGA

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    ARIA to support GIGA

    Any news on WHEN the Aria player will support GIGA files?

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    Re: ARIA to support GIGA

    Anyone with news on the status of Giga import into Aria?

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    Re: ARIA to support GIGA

    No news at all?

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    Re: ARIA to support GIGA

    Quote Originally Posted by Bennett View Post
    No news at all?
    Sadly this has become more common over the years.

    I'd love to see this Aria update, but I won't hold my breath, cause it'll be released when it is released.

    I wish more developers would adopt a policy of limiting pre-annoucements to just a short time...
    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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    Re: ARIA to support GIGA

    I did speak to Bernard at Soundlib and apparently Garritan and he were in talks of bringing Gplayer into their fold. However that seems to have fallen through.

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    Re: ARIA to support GIGA

    I mailed to Garritan and Plogue. The plugin for loading giga seems to be ready but the new garritan owner does not state if it will ever see the light. Too bad in my opinion.

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    Re: ARIA to support GIGA

    Are you talking about MAKE MUSIC who now own Garritan?

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