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Topic: Soundfont Conversion

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    Soundfont Conversion

    Curious, I\'ve got several collections of Soundfonts (Orbit and Planet Phatt) that I purchased from Emu. They contain 3 banks of sounds each. I have been able to extract each sound using Awave (to create a single Soundfont) and successfully converted to a Gig file. However, if I try to convert the whole file (all banks), I have problems. I can load it fine into the Gigastudio Editor, and it seems to be able to see all of the banks. When I try to save it, it gets a GPF (when it tries to load 2.0 info).

    Will Gigastudio Editor only convert single instruments?

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    Re: Soundfont Conversion

    I\'ve also notice a similar problem with some soundfont files. Hopefully we all find out what it is soon.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: Soundfont Conversion

    You can get your big SF2 files converted by opening them in the GSEditor and deleting all but one bank at a time. Then save it. You can also then copy and paste that one \"bank\" of sounds into a new gig file and all the unused wave files get left behind. This will save just fine.

    However I have yet to figure out how to get a drum kit in SF2 format converted. Actually the conversion works fine but the bank number is -23478934 or some such piece of garbage. So you can manually load and play it you can not select it with a bank/patch combination such as you would do in Cakewalk. Any ideas?

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    Re: Soundfont Conversion

    Thanks Dale, that helps alot. I\'ve been using Awave to strip the individual SF\'s out and converting. Real time consuming...

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