I am new to using the patch editor in Gigasampler and can\'t seem to figure something out. I want to be able to do the following three things in tandem.
1--Using the modulation wheel to control my filter cutoff
2--Make sure the amplitude is fully velocity sensitive.
3--Make sure that the filter IS NOT controlled AT ALL by velocity.

The first two I can do with no problem. However the third thing is what I\'m having trouble with. When I edit the case for a sample, and go into the \"Filter\" section, I only have a choice to set the \"velocity dynamic range\" to \"Low\", not \"Off\". This still triggers the filter response when I press a key.

What I\'m trying to do is make my samples respond to the Mod Wheel controller for the filter cutoff, but I DON\'T want the filter responding to velocity. However, I don\'t want to kill the velocity for amplitude. I\'m probably missing something obvious. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.