I\'m having trouble keeping GigaStudio instruments in the right place when I launch my sequencer (Cubase VST) to work on a particualr piece with a particular GigaStudio performance setup. It seems that if I launch the sequencer first, then load up the performance file, it works fine. But it took me awhile to figure that out... if I load up the performance file first, then the sequencer, my instruments end up in the wrong slots (aka channels 1-16 in Giga Studio). Does any one know what is happening? Is this a bug, or is Cubase executing some kind of program change commands as it boots which has an undesireable affect on my GigaStudio performance setup? Note: As I said, if I launch Cubase first, then load the performance, it works fine - I can then load up my Cubase song, and all the GigaStudio sounds are in the right slots. What gives?

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