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Topic: Gigastudio crashes Windows 95 on Boot

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    Gigastudio crashes Windows 95 on Boot

    Every time I try to install Giga Studio in Windows 95 it crashes just after the teal screen appears. The only way I can recover the system is to rename the 4 files Gigastudio installs in the windows/system directory, which, of course, keeps Gigastudio from functioning. My system is a PII-333 with 128 MB Ram, with an AWE-32 and AWE-64 gold. Disabling the AWE\'s seems to do no good in resolving the crashes.

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    Re: Gigastudio crashes Windows 95 on Boot

    If I boot with the 4 system files disabled and then rename them to their proper names, I can get GigaStudio to start, but it tells me Error Code 40000: Your system has not been properly enabled. Please try reinstalling the GigaStudio application and then it lets me in in diagnostic mode.

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    Re: Gigastudio crashes Windows 95 on Boot

    Hmmn, I have an idea:

    Win95 can only handle a maximum of 11 Midi ins or 11 Midi outs, and I think it may crash on startup if this number is exceeded.

    Just doing a quick guestimate: (2 Midi outs on the AWE32, 3 on the AWE64, 4 for GS, and maybe some extra for things like software synths, Hubi\'s loopback driver, etc)

    I suppose the easiest will be to open your Midi port settings in your sequencer and count the number of outputs.

    When disabling the AWE\'s, you may have only been disabling the audio parts. See what happens if you turn off a few of the Midi outputs.

    If this turns out to be the problem, you could disable some unused Midi outputs; otherwise you would have to upgrade to win98...

    Hope this helps,

    // Charl

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    Re: Gigastudio crashes Windows 95 on Boot


    Thank you for the suggestion. However, I had already disabled ports, so that is not the cause of the problem. It gets through the boot sequence, and the bootlog.txt file looks fine and then it jumps into a blue screen with a vmm.vxd type error. I could run it in diagnostics mode and sent the results to Nemesys but have not heard anything.

    Tom Leich

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    Re: Gigastudio crashes Windows 95 on Boot

    Since it is crashing on install, I would suggets that the install did not properly setup the system. If you don\'t have a successfull install, then I would say all bets are off.

    Here is what I would do. Reboot you system in safe mode. Delete the /program files/nemesys
    directory. Reboot your machine. Try installing again. If it works great, if not
    then repeat, but try copying the contents of
    CD1 onto your harddrive and reinstalling
    from your harddrive.

    After you get it installed, please read the release notes there are some special considerations for Win95 Users. I would
    stongly suggest you think about upgrading
    to Windows 98 second edition - just a better
    OS, not perfect, but better.

    If you are still having problems please call the tech support line.

    Joe (Nemesys)

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