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Topic: Recommended Drum CD?

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    Recommended Drum CD?


    I am trying to find a drum cd with a great reputation. I want something that will allow me to emulate multi velocity hits (such that tonal qualities change with volume as in real life). I hear there is a giga format that gives dynamic control of samples (such as clearmnountain\'s drum). But what does that really mean? oes that mean you don\'t need multi-velocity samples?

    Basically I need standard rock drum sounds (I write guitar instrumental music in the genre of Steve Vai, etc) but I also want ethnic as well as shakers, tambourine, clave, djembe, etc.

    Is there one cd that meets these needs? Should I definately go with giga format cd?

    I would be very appreciative if someone can point me in the right direction so I can hurry and make the most of gigastudio.



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    Re: Recommended Drum CD?

    not only fantastic drums:
    $ 149.-
    it really rocks your hard disc.

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