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Topic: Gulliver, what did you use...

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    Gulliver, what did you use...

    Hi Gulliver. What libraries did you use on http://members.home.net/vstorage1/sample.mp3 ? Sounds very good.

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    Re: Gulliver, what did you use...

    Well, I totally forgot that this was still there! It was a rough, quick draft so from memory I think I used the following:

    Strings - Miroslav (old akai version) and Ultimate Strings.
    Brass - AO (bad, gotta find an alternative)
    Woodwinds - Miroslav
    Percussion - AO (really bad, I need to get Ultimate Percussion)
    Choir - Symphony of Voices

    F. Juma.

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    Re: Gulliver, what did you use...


    Nice blends Gulliver.

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    Re: Gulliver, what did you use...

    Jeez - Y\'all are really a bunch of Pros. I\'m truly humbled - for a rough cut, it\'s pretty impressive, at least to me. Maybe if I hang around long enough, I\'ll learn how to make the stuff I do sound as good!

    Steve Mitchell
    The Classical MIDI Resource
    The CMR Players

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    Re: Gulliver, what did you use...

    And what patches from SOV are that? The short loudest choir passage sounds like choir vibrato patch, but it seems to sound somehow better.
    What reverb unit did you use and what type of reverb? Thanks.

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    Re: Gulliver, what did you use...

    Thomas what.. set??

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    Re: Gulliver, what did you use...

    And what patches from SOV are that?

    I think the voices were the Soloists Multisamples on SOV (Soprano and Tenor)
    I don\'t think I did anything with the samples, just used them as they came. There wasn\'t much time to tweak anything outside of the sequencer because the whole thing was done as a quickie to get an idea of the direction the orchestration should take.

    F. Juma.

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    Re: Gulliver, what did you use...

    hahaha Dis, that ought to set you straight.

    (nice work Gulliver)

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    Re: Gulliver, what did you use...

    Sorry Dis, what I meant was that finally you heard something, produced with AO, SoV, Miroslav etc.. that you found convincing! You remember our little \"fight\" on the other topic? I\'m just glad you came to your senses. Still the question remains.. do you find gullivers track more convincing as an orchestral simulation than your GM1&GM2.mp3\'s?


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    Re: Gulliver, what did you use...

    Thomas: Yes I remeber. Maybe the question remains. This piece \"sample\" I\'ve liked yet sooner, but it is rather an exception. This track sounds great, but it sounds like there was mastering and some very good reverb. If you load AO, SOV or US into Gigastudio and add SBLive or Gstudio NFX Reverb, it sounds about 80% weaker than sounds in this track.
    Sure GM1 was not the best example, but I have now some more info... but it would be for a new topic. One of the things I can say sure is that the most realistic sectioned strings come from some E-mu native original libraries, but as I told it doesn\'t belong here.
    Still about choir - in sample.mp3 the first short pathetic loud choir must be real or what - no SOV patch sounds like this. But the second - they\'re SOV, it can be recognized.

    Gulliver: Thank you for the info. Still may I ask what reverb unit did you use? Thank you.

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