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Topic: Deserted Island Question...

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    Deserted Island Question...

    Yup, todays the day for posting newbie questions...

    I\'m loving GigaSampler, but can\'t afford to buy every sample library I want. (Don\'t I wish...)

    I\'m scoring independant films for a couple buds in film school (I get to experiment, they get free scores that aren\'t too painful to listen to) and I /really/ love some of the GigaSampler orchestra libraries.

    So if you only had $800 to spend (and I don\'t, but my wife is kindly and has good credit) which sample libraries would you invest in for Orchestral Scoring.

    I know this question might spark holy wars, but I really want opinions fromm everyday folks. I\'m looking at Peter Siedlaczek\'s Advanced Orchestra...Anyone use it? Any others? Help?


    Oh and is there any recomendations on where to buy from? I can only find soundsonline.com, where else can I look?

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    Re: Deserted Island Question...


    I use the Advanced Orchestra library. I find it especially good for simulating a small orchestra sound. The oboe sounds are rather dry, just the way an oboe sounds in the orchestra pit. The flute is very bright and the clarinet very fruity. The bassoon is weak, IMO.

    The horns have quite a wide range of expression from far-away gentle to piercing. The trumpets too and the trombones - lots of power.

    Then there are the strings. They are a bit harsh and uninteresting. You have to do a lot of work blending different samples together, otherwise they sound sterile.

    That is my highly subjective opinion, of course. In case you want to listen for yourself, I will list several pieces on my mp3.com page for which I used AO: \"Sci-Fi Rhapsody\", \"DecaDance\" - orchestral version, the overture and opening number from the Yeoman of the Guard by Gilbert & Sullivan. A good deal of the orchestral suite, too.

    I bought my copy of AO here in the UK. If that is where you are I\'ll give you the details. It\'s a lot cheaper in the US.


    Richard Cox.

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    Re: Deserted Island Question...

    AO is the only way to go for that kind of money. I use it and I like it despite some of its shortcomings. I hear great things about Miroslav but the price is just too high. The bottom line is, you can make good sounding realistic emulations using AO but beware of the length of the individual instrument samples.

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