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Topic: Vitous Mini vs AO

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    Vitous Mini vs AO

    I will soon buy an orchestral library and don\'t know what to choose now.
    The AO is a little to expensive for me at the moment. Is it really better than the Miroslav Vitous Mini library (knowing that I don\'t need percussion wich I\'ll purchase later with the ultimate persussions)?

    The AO compact edition seems really short : no flute solo, etc. How does it compare to the MV Mini?

    Thanks for your help, it\'s quite a lot of money and I don\'t want to make a mistake.


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    Re: Vitous Mini vs AO

    Whatever you do, don\'t get Advanced Orchestra Compact Edition. I find everything except the tremelo strings, harp, and tamtam unusable. The strings were what I was mainly looking forward to when I got it, but was very disappointed when I heard em. They just don\'t sound real to me. My Roland \"Orchestral 2\" expansion board strings blow them away.
    The woodwinds sound like brass to me. The solo violin is terrible. The strings con sordino is probably as good as you\'ll find but just doesn\'t make the cut. The french horn is so-so. I guess you get what you pay for, in my case to much, because this is a \'compact edition\' in which they had to compensate to save ram use.
    I\'m still waiting for the next string ensemble library to be made. If you wait, there\'s supposed to be an incredible string library coming out by Gary, who did the Gigaharp. He sampled the best violins, cellos, and violas and got great musicians to play the samples. He recorded them in Lincoln Center in NYC. I can\'t wait to hear that! :-)
    Also, Best Service is working on a sustained strings Xsample volume which may be due out before the end of the year.
    I can\'t comment on AO full edition. I sure do hope it\'s better then the compact edition. I can\'t comment on Miroslav either because I could never afford it.

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