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Topic: "soundstage" plugin v.s. reverb?

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    \"soundstage\" plugin v.s. reverb?

    So what\'s the difference between, say, fx3 and a regular verb plugin?


    John G.

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    Re: \"soundstage\" plugin v.s. reverb?


    Apples & Oranges really. Normal reverb still has its application while something like Audio FX3 can come in handy if you\'re trying to simulate an environment.

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    Re: \"soundstage\" plugin v.s. reverb?

    Like what we\'ve discussed before about FX-Verbs that, \"The difference is they give you more variable (better GUI) of pre-parametric-EQ, time delay, room or size/type, wet/dry (a little built-in mixer), decay, sustain, etc. It would takes you so much time if the developers don\'t give you the good presets to start with...\"

    Let’s don\'t mention about how the reverb works, just how to use it? Normally, when you change the parameter with the other reverbs, you won\'t have any ideas how the emulated-verb would be like room size/type? How far the MIC is? Etc? Rather than use your ears and based-on the good presets verbs.

    With the soundstage-verb, you don\'t have to be a great sound engineer. It would gives you the 3-D-virtual GUI (Graphical User interface) to deal with, you can move the target (MIC and where you are) by the PC mouse, specify exactly (precisely) parameter of Rooms, walls, ceilings, MIC’s distances, etc. Very easy to place the acoustic orchestral tracks virtually in case you have multiple tracks and how you want them sound between your monitor to your ears. The interesting part is you can specify in certain track that you want it sounds from your back even you only have the monitor’s placed front of you and it works! How you do that with other verb? Of course yes, but it must be harder?

    The idea of soundstage-verb is \"an easy to use verb\". How does the sound’s quality? You\'ll need to try the DEMO (14 days) by your own taste!
    Have funs,

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    Re: \"soundstage\" plugin v.s. reverb?

    Yes, I\'ve got the Fx3 demo in front of me. Unfortunately, it\'s one of those useless 10 sec demos. Runs for 10 secs (approx) then dies. A joke.


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    Re: \"soundstage\" plugin v.s. reverb?

    I agree, John. Your brain just starts to process what you are hearing, and -bam- the sound ends. Makes you wonder what the developers are thinking, sometimes. Or perhaps, more accurately, the marketers.

    Anyway, I\'ve been told that FX3 is useful, but I too couldn\'t make much use out of the demo.


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