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Topic: Has anyone tried that new VR sound module giga cd?

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    Has anyone tried that new VR sound module giga cd?

    Just wondering what people thought of that cd and is it worth buying? Thanks , Ken

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    Re: Has anyone tried that new VR sound module giga cd?

    I went by their site a while ago and put my name down as someone who would be \'willing\' to receive a copy of the CD and do a review.

    Didn\'t really expect to hear from them as I never win raffles or lotteries, but I got an email from them a few days ago and the disk arrived in yesterdays mail! Christmas a month early!

    I\'ve listened to all the sounds briefly, but not in the studio (we\'re on holidays until next week).

    There\'s quite a bit of Gigasampler specific programming in there - how about stereo snares with 16 sampled levels of velocity, or a Hammond that can fade an accelerating Leslie out of a slow Leslie patch?

    It\'s quite a grab-bag of sounds - 2 basses, 2 drumkits, various percussion, Hammonds through Leslies, pianos, tremolo Rhodes, synth pads, a percussive synth blip sequence construction patch, a small string ensemble, a couple of FX synths, and a tympani patch. So it\'s harder to evaluate its usefulness to any particular writer compared to, say, the Complete Hawaiian Guitar Collection, but I\'ll try when I post a considered review.

    I\'d prefer not to say too much until I\'ve had a more critical listen.

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