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Topic: Still Waiting

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    Still Waiting

    Am I the only one still waiting for my GS?
    I too had my credit card charged on 5/17 but still no GS. I\'m usually patient but am starting to get PO\'D, especially since I can\'t get to anyonean Nemesys.

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    Re: Still Waiting

    Don\'t worry tom

    I got mine in the post this morning (UK) from Northern Sound so I\'m sure yours will be with you any minute now.

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    Re: Still Waiting

    I placed a down payment for Gigastudio @ a local music store on 5/27. It still hasn\'t arrived. I sent an email to Nemesys Sales Support Staff. They replied a day later with helpful information. From this, I was able to track down the true source of my problem.

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    Re: Still Waiting

    You\'re not the only one waiting. I ordered it at Nemesys, but I cannot even get them to confirm that they received my order

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