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Topic: Timpani library is finished!

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    Timpani library is finished!

    I am happy to announce that the Timpani Supplement is just about ready to be released. We are in the final stages of editing and testing. I\'ll try to post a small demo tonight. I can not tell you guys how excited I am about how this library turned out. The right and left hand samples (at 8 velocities no less) make this the most natural sounding timpani anywhere.
    We used B & K 4006\'s, Avalon VT737\'s, and an Apogee PSX100. Everything was recorded at 24bit and dithered to 16bit using Apogee\'s UV22. There are six mallets to choose from including fingers/hands!


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    Re: Timpani library is finished!

    I\'m very happy to hear this Donnie. So, now it sounds like more than ONE supplemental CD - sounds more like a new 4 CD set? Do you have any ideas about pricing and release date?


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    Re: Timpani library is finished!

    Thanks Simon!

    The release date \"should\" be before Christmas. It\'s looking like it will be 6 cd\'s (one for each mallet). This is a very extensive library. I promise I\'ll try to post a demo tom. night...


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    Re: Timpani library is finished!

    I just finished a small demo. If anyone would like me to email it to them (1.8 meg) I would be happy to.


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    Re: Timpani library is finished!

    Well, of course I would like the demo, but what I\'d really like, is the CD set To me, demos are either too clever (e.g. uses a lot of loops which you are impressed by, until you find out that they were loops), or they don\'t do the product justice, which I think is the case with most demos for UOP e.g. Sooooo how much will it be that I need to reserve for this?

    And oh.. my email: melo@marble-eyes.dk


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    Re: Timpani library is finished!


    I shot one your way about 5 min\'s ago!

    As for when it will be out...best case Dec. 4th...worst case Dec 11th.

    The price is going to be $399 for the whole set. We were going to charge more BUT hey it\'s Christmas time

    Also, and please do NOT hold me to this, BUT there is a possiblity that you will be able to but it in a 7 CD set or one DVD----for the same price.


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    Re: Timpani library is finished!

    I would like to hear that demo too..


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